The Only Purse in the World for Heels/ Flats

  • Destination all-in-one purse
  • Design for heels/flats
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My invention Story

     Most people that knows I am an inventor really do not know how it all began. This is a good story to read...While sitting a home on lonely Friday night my cousin called me to go ballroom dancing. I think she wanted to get me out of my depression of my divorce I was going through at the time. Well, it worked!


     I was now taking ballroom dance lessons and building my self-esteem all at the same time. I found that women did not have a event purse just for the basic necessities to bring to ballroom dancing table. Most women would just leave the purse in the car or use a cotton material drawstring bag that was falling apart within weeks. Well, I started to use my creative skills and went to sewing satin drawstring bags with velvet on the inside. The women loved my drawstring satin bags I was making for me and cousin!


     I dropped the ball on my drawstring bags and finished my degree in Digital Media Design. After I got my degree God nudged me to pursue patents.... The story gets good right here...I joined a program with no funds in the bank, but wealth in my Faith!


After 10 longgggg weeks of stepping out my comfort zone! I actually won 3rd Place $2,000 in the program!

I am so glad I jumped and now helping others with my resources.

~Amika Adams I.